What Walls Want?


Walls have the power to change the environment around depending on their look, their hook and their message. Well selected wallcoverings can make the entire room shine of beauty. Just a few right placed accents in the interior can transform the living space and help express your personality. Beautifully decorated walls create better life quality – graphic patterns, royal ornaments and original floral designs of many different styles combine easily with tasteful plains and stripes.

Decor India offers collections for almost every possible taste: from very minimalistic to highly sophisticated. Whether classic or modern, minimalistic or conservative decoration for your living and working space – your best choice will be Decor India. Beautiful and unique patterns of almost every possible colour combination, baroque ornaments, romantic florals, geometrical figures, arabesques, vignettes and many more will make the heart of every spectator beat faster.

Interior decoration is our passion and we are highly committed to keeping on the tradition that started generations ago.

Only wall covering gives you the combinations of colour, pattern, texture and finish that create unique and inspiring aesthetic effects. A painted wall can deliver colour, but it can’t easily achieve a texture or pattern. This is why wallcovering is so versatile. Wallcoverings don’t just provide aesthetic benefits, they also have a number of performance benefits, including:


The inclusion of vinyl and woven fabric backing material means that Decor India’s heavy-duty wallcoverings can take more wear and tear than ordinary wallpaper. Our wallcovering also protects the wall better than paint.

Uneven walls or surfaces in poor condition

Certain Decor India’s products have particular emboss/print combinations that make them exceptionally good at hiding cracks or other damage that may lay beneath them.

Fire resistance

Decor India’s wallcoverings are tested to the highest fire safety standards and many now achieve Class B under new European legislation on all commonly used substrates.


Our products can be washed and in many cases scrubbed repeatedly to remove any accidental marks without damaging the product itself.

Bio-Proof coating

Bio-Proof contains an ingredient that inhibits the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms, making it especially suitable for use in hospitals, where it can reduce the risk of cross-infection.

Stain resistance

Our products can be optionally coated with Tedlar, a film that enables the wallcovering to withstand staining.

Quicker to apply

The decorated area is ready for use immediately. No waiting for several coats of paint to dry and odours to disperse.

Cost effective

Taking into account maintenance costs and the longer lifespan of wallcoverings, it needn’t cost more than paint, and in fact can often be a more cost effective solution. When you add up these advantages it is easy to see why wallcoverings are the long-lasting solution.



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